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Nature Reviews – LIST successfully treats men with ED who are not responsive to PDE5i

A review in the respected journal, Nature reports that “extracorporeal low-intensity shockwave treatment (LIST) of the penis is a promising treatment in men with severe erectile dysfunction (ED) not responsive to phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors.” The therapy has been shown to improve nerve-stimulated erectile function and increase the endothelial content of penile tissue in a […]

Shock wave more effective than drugs at treating knee pain

A new study has just been published in the medical journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders describing a study of 40 patients. The patient were suffering from pain in the knee caused by fluid in the bone marrow known as “primary bone marrow edema syndrome (BMES)”. The fluid is a “non-specific” symptom of a number of potential causes […]

Study shows shock wave effective for coccyx therapy

Treating injuries of the tail bone with shock waves at first glance is only distantly related to treatments for erectile dysfunction. However, it is likely that the same mechanisms for tissue healing are at play. In both cases the conditions cannot be treated effectively with drugs or surgery and so a treatment that is virtually without […]

Ultrasound breakthrough cures alzheimers

At first glance the cure for erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer’s are completely unconnected. However, a scientific paper published in the spring of 2015 reporting on an experiment conducted in Australia by Gerhard Leinenga and Jürgen Götz used ultrasound to stimulate the repair of brain tissue.

Transgenic mice showing several aspects of Alzheimer’s disease, including amyloid plaque deposition and memory impairment were […]