Ultrasound breakthrough cures alzheimers

At first glance, the cure for erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer’s are completely unconnected. However, a scientific paper published in the spring of 2015 reporting on an experiment conducted in Australia by Gerhard Leinenga and Jürgen Götz used ultrasound to stimulate the repair of brain tissue.

Transgenic mice showing several aspects of Alzheimer’s disease, including amyloid plaque deposition and memory impairment ,were treated with focused therapeutic ultrasound and lipid covered micro-bubbles injected into the bloodstream. The science is described in Cosmos Magazine here. The ultrasound blasted holes in the blood-brain barrier dissipating the neurotoxic plaque, which restored neuron function and memory.

The therapy promises the potential for a non-drug cure for this cruel and debilitating disease.  For the first time, there is a glimmer of optimism for future generations of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Both ultrasound and SONICWAVE are therapies involve mechanical disruption of the cell – non-invasively and without drugs. The focused ultrasound operates at a far higher frequency and energy density that SONICWAVE but it can be hypothesized that both stimulate the cells natural abilities to repair and rid the site of detrimental materials.

We believe that we are seeing a new frontier in the treatment of a range of diseases through the use of various forms and densities of mechanical energy.