Study shows shock wave effective for coccyx therapy

Treating injuries of the tailbone with shock waves at first glance is only distantly related to treatments for erectile dysfunction. However, it is likely that the same mechanisms for tissue healing are at play. In both cases, the conditions cannot be treated effectively with drugs or surgery and so a treatment that is virtually without adverse side effects is desirable. But as with all “cures” a high level of skepticism is justified. Therefore, it is noteworthy when there is a well-run study, with a reasonable sample size, that is run with controls and double-blind.

Here is a study, conducted in China and published November 2015, that concludes “ESWT appeared to be useful in relieving the pain of coccydynia and more effective in reducing pain syndromes than the use of physical modalities. Therefore, ESWT is recommended as an alternative method for treating patients with coccydynia.”

Coccyx pain ECSW