Shockwave therapy effective in reducing muscle fatigue and improving athletic performance

A recently published study examines the effects of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) on muscle rheological and functional properties in a population of young athletes. Thirty-two football and basketball players underwent three sessions of therapy administered every five days to the thigh muscles. Monitoring was carried out at recruitment, at the end of treatment (15 days) and at 30 days with myometric evaluation (measuring elasticity, stiffness and muscular tone) and electromiography exam (recording the Motor Unit Amplitude Potential values).

The results of the study indicate that use of shockwave therapy reduces muscle fatigue and improves athletic performance. The study concludes, “These results could represent a translational interpretation of the known biological effect on connective tissue: an increase in blood flow, oxygenation, metabolic process activation and proliferative effect.”