SONICWAVE™ is a therapeutic approach that is advocated for by a group of leading men’s healthcare specialists, family practitioners, urologists and sex educators who believe that it is time to re-think sexual health.

Sexual health, particularly male sexual health, has often been treated perfunctorily by the mainstream medical community falling somewhere between general practice, urology, endocrinology, psychology and relationship counselling. Sexual dysfunction is not an illness, but the converse of a physically and psychologically healthy lifestyle.

There is abundant scientific evidence that  sexual health is a key aspect of overall health. Sexual activity along with emotional intimacy helps make people live healthier and more happily for longer. As sexual dysfunction is often a complicated condition, yet not immediately life-threatening, it has not been given the attention it deserves.

We treat male sexual health positively, rather than as an embarrassment. It can be thought of as more like a physical activity, such as golf. If there is something wrong with your golf game, a well-trained professional can help you fix your swing. If the problem is a wrenched muscle a therapist can provide curative therapies. You cannot improve your game by ignoring it nor is the solution to give up sport.

We believe in a medically disciplined and science-based approach. At the same time sexual dysfunction is often triggered by causes that are complex and partly psychological, partly physical, partly lifestyle and often triggered by stress.

We are not advocates for any single therapy because everyone is different and because everyone’s situation changes. We insist that frontline therapists are well-trained physicians and that patients complete a medical inventory before treatment. In some cases pharmaceuticals are a therapeutic option, and in some cases surgery is justified. However, wherever we can we advocate approaches that are non-invasive and non-drug.