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    How SONICWAVETM Therapy Treats Erectile Dysfunction

    We use Breakthrough Dual-action SONICWAVE

    SONICWAVES are high intensity vibrations similar to sound waves but with far greater energies. These vibrations cause the cells in and around the penis to experience micro trauma stimulating them to regenerate. The capillaries in the erectile tissue and the nerves regrow.

    The processes are natural and similar to what occurs when a muscle is stressed through hard physical exercise of the skin slightly bruised. SONICWAVETM also referred to as “soundwave therapy,” “acoustic therapy” and “low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy” (LI-ESWT) have been used in medicine for over 50 years. At higher energies ESWT are used to break up kidney stones. Low intensity shockwaves are regularly used in orthopaedics, aesthetic and sports medicine.

    SONICWAVE is a non-surgical, non drug treatment for vasculogenic ED.

    Our Treatments are Supervised by Licensed Medical Doctors

    Dr. Ron Mayer – Chief Medical Officer

    After working as a physician in one of the busiest emergency rooms in Canada Ron worked as a C-suite leader in travel health insurance and chronic disease management companies. He has a degree in genetics and became a doctor of medicine at the University of Toronto.

    “Nothing is more important than our health, and close, loving relationships help us stay healthy.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Has SONICWAVE™ been medically proven to work?

    A: Yes. The technology has been investigated in medical studies by respected medical doctors using approaches that attempt to discount personal bias.

    Studies have been set up similar to trials of drugs and are randomized, double-blind and sham-controlled. However, these types of studies are nearly impossible to conduct because it is generally clear to the therapist and the patient which studies are sham, because each can feel whether or not the shockwaves are being administered. 

    Q: How much does the SONICWAVE™ treatment cost?

    A: The initial medical check-up, if required, is free with an OHIP number. During the first call or visit eligibility for the treatment will be ascertained and the protocols and their costs will be explained. The treatment can be paid for by cash, Interac, credit card with payment plans available. Book an appointment and we will answer your questions.

    Q: How long does each visit take?

    Subsequent treatments generally take less than 20 minutes.

    We aim to avoid our clients having to sit in a reception area for treatment and schedule patients so they can be treated without waiting.

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